ZURICH (Persian Blue)


This premium stole is made from the finest of the Capra hircus laniger goat hair found only in Ladakh. It is shorn and the goat is not harmed in any way during this process. Original Pashmina colour in the shade of dark brown with a dash of dark blue makes it perfect not only for winter but spring and autumn. It is lightweight and luxuriously soft.

Our VELRAG products are handmade and therefore may bear marks of their unicity. These are to be treasured as part of their rarity rather than treated as defects of the product.

COLOUR and PATTERN: Shades of dark brown with a dark blue pattern - The colours may vary slightly when comparing the actual product to the website image.

COMPOSITION: 100% pure Pashmina wool from Capra hircus laniger goats in Ladakh.

SIZE: 70cm x 200cm (28" x 79")

CARE: Do not wash or dry clean often. Do not machine wash or dry. However, you may hand wash it using cold water only and a small amount of detergent (specifically made for delicate wool). First, dissolve the detergent in the water. Then wash very, very gently with your hands, do not rub or twist to wash. Once this is done, just lay flat to dry, do not squeeze or twist to dry. Use your hands to gently smooth the fabric flat and wait for it to dry, do not iron.

PACKAGING: All our products include worldwide delivery and come in a high-quality luxurious gift box. 

STORAGEYour VELRAG packaging is specifically designed to serve as the optimal storage place for your VELRAG product. Wrap it in the soft silk paper and store in the VELRAG box for future use.

DELIVERY: Products are shipped from France. Once order is placed and payment is confirmed, products are shipped within 48 hours. Products are shipped worldwide and delivery takes between 2 to 10 days depending on the destination. For example, typical delivery timeline within Europe would be within 5 days.

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